Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - December edition! (On a Thursday.)

The month has arrived!  December is here!  Things are getting really real now that the wedding date is within the 10 day forecast - Kyle was amused at my excitement over this little fact.  I want to know if it's going to snow, dang it!

So the last month has been interesting to say the least.  I was insanely stressed coming into this week due to lack of communication from vendors, drama with the bachelorette party, my Dad's nursing home giving us a hard time about allowing us to use their transportation to get him to the ceremony, the hair lady not discussing pricing before we put in my hair extensions (yep, I got extensions.  I want a hair style, darn it!) and wanting an insane amount of money from me, our venue not being open to accept our final payment… the list goes on and on.  I'll save you from the crazy that was going through my head because I thought my skull was going to explode with everything that was happening, mostly for no real reason at all, and all things I had no control over.  I decided Tuesday once everything was good with the venue that I wasn't going to let anything upset me anymore. It's literally one day of our lives, one of the BEST days of our lives, and I just need to trust that all the people who say they're doing stuff for us will show up and that whatever will happen is going to happen.

So I had my final dress fitting and I was super worried about it.  I wasn't comfortable in the dress before and wasn't sure the alterations needed to make me feel better would be possible.  I was worried I was literally going to have to walk into a David's Bridal and buy something off the rack, but I didn't.  It fit perfectly and with a little smoothing it'll look perfect.

My bachelorette party was this last weekend and my girls threw me a great evening of pedicures, a fun decorated hotel room with snacks, beverages, and a poster of a man we named Mr. Grey, then dinner at a japanese steakhouse called Genji's, and then to my favorite place, the Big Bang piano bar.  We went there a lot in nursing school and always had so much fun, went there the night before I moved to Cincinnati, and went there the night I decided I was going to run a marathon.  Lots of good memories associated with that place and it's always a good time and I always lose my voice from singing so loud. I danced with a cowboy who looked so out of place there, but I'm glad I met him.  He asked when I was getting married and wished us luck and to love each other more every day as we never know when our last day will be.  He said he had lost his wife 6 years before to cancer, and he couldn't have been older than 40.  I was caught off guard and it was one of those moments I knew I was supposed to meet him for a certain reason.  He got the piano guys to play the song I'd been requesting and I was really touched by his gesture and words.

Tonight is my bridal shower with the ladies from work at Maggiano's, an italian restaurant that I've never been to before.  I'm excited for a giant piece of tiramisu and some guilt-free carbs!

Even more exciting is that I just found out today that the nursing home is now willing to bring my Dad for the ceremony when they weren't before.  I had talked myself into being okay with it, that we'd go out to see him when we got back from the honeymoon and I'd put on my dress and take a few pictures. But really, in my mind and when I look back at pictures and know he was still alive and wasn't in them was going to be really hard for me.  I know it will ultimately be a day-of decision, but I'm hoping he's in good spirits and he will be able to be there and we will have new family photos of the day with him there.  I broke down in tears when I found out, and I'm forever thankful for all those at Spring Meadows care facility that have been involved in this and especially the nurses who are willingly coming with him and take care of him on a daily basis.  I am so, so thankful.

All the details are finalized, everyone has been paid, the dress is in my closet, and we just have a final tiny few things to finish this weekend and next week will be a breeze!   I'm so excited to get my final few shifts of work over with and make my way up to Columbus on Thursday to pick up my good friend Karli from the airport and let the wedding weekend begin!

Now.. moments from the bachelorette party!
Mr. Grey!
The best bridesmaids!
The Bridal Bunch
One of my three times on stage. Like anyone is surprised!