Monday, May 6, 2013

Maybe I'm really not a carbo-holic?

When I initially started this blog I openly admitted to my carbo-holic tendencies and knew to be successful in my weight loss journey I was going to have to cut back. No more asking for extra bread or rice at my favorite restaurants, no more desserts to satisfy my sugary sweet tooth AND carb cravings. My love affair with carbs had to stop no matter how hard it was going to be.

As I started tracking my food with MyFitnessPal I have the capabilities of seeing my daily intake as a chart by nutrition information as well as a chart that shows my percentage of carbs/protein/fat intake. This chart has really opened my eyes to my naitivity about what I was actually eating all along.  Fat. And lots and lots of it.

There are days even now that I've been "watching what I eat" where fat accounts for 40% of my diet and I'm not even eating fried foods (a few times I have had French fries but in the grand scheme of things I'm not really eating fried foods hardly ever) and my fat intake is still that high. How can that be?!

Also my protein intake is generally in my recommended range of about 15% of my diet. I feel that is too low and have been taking steps to improve that by eating more Greek yogurt (Chobani flips are my new favorite breakfast/morning snack item) and peanut butter. I figure adding protein to a meal where it often gets neglected will help.  Also with all my running I'd rather increase my muscle mass than destroy it all by avoiding protein - even if it's not purposefully done. We do eat more red meat than we probably should and while that certainly works protein wise it's not helping that far intake that I'm unhappy with.

Yes, I understand "good" versus "bad" fats and while I'd guess I'm probably 50/50 on those for my intake I really need to watch the saturated fats. I'm all for lovely skin, nails and hair from including fats in my diet but I'd really rather have those AND not feel like I'm un-doing all the hard work I've put in so far.

Last week I promised an update on the change in diet and if it helped as far as losing weight went and I'm happy to say I saw some positive results! I worked on my fat intake and did increase my protein and I weighed in this week at 224.0 making my total weight loss up to 21.6 pounds! I crossed the 20 pound mark and then some. Mini-goal #2 accomplished. Next up: hit the 2-teens. I'm feeling good about this one!

Another milestone was crossed this week as I had the best run of any in the last 6 weeks during my 4.5 miler Saturday morning. I kept a good, comfortable pace and finished strong. I logged just over 16 miles for the week which is also a personal high for me. This week I have a weird schedule and am going to see TAYLOR SWIFT in Columbus Wednesday night so I'm fitting in my 4 runs however I can. Today I did a morning 2 miles and am planning 3 miles for this evening, one for tomorrow afternoon and my long run for Thursday. However I have to do it, I will. I'm very proud of myself for not missing any scheduled runs during the 6 weeks of training so far (minus my injury week).

I'm still really enjoying the new job and am happy to be celebrating my second official Nurse's Week! I can't believe I've been a registered nurse for two years this month and feel blessed to be doing what I love and getting paid at the same time! Happy Nurse's Week to all those who I work and have worked with, my step-mom Jody and all the incredible people who help take care of my dad on a daily basis. You are all the best and are appreciated!

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