Sunday, June 2, 2013


When Kyle and I started dating 5 years ago I was in a pretty good place (for me) weight wise.  I felt pretty comfortable in my clothes, I was living on my own for the first time and things were pretty good. I think I was around 220 pounds at the time but I was running occasionally and that fall I finished my first official race - the Plain City 4 Miler.  I thought that was a huge accomplishment and was super proud of myself.  I ran a time or two a week and didn't really measure the distance (I didn't have a way how to yet - no iPhone or apps for me back then!  Certainly no Garmin either) and figured I was pretty close to running 4 miles at a time.  The race proved to me that I wasn't anywhere close to running as far as I thought, I walked about 1/4 of the way and ran/jogged the rest and finished in just over an hour.  I beat the person behind me by seconds and did NOT want to come in last so I sprinted to the end and pulled that one out somehow.  I was exhausted for the rest of the day - I had a shift working as a server at the time that evening (a Saturday night shift no less and we were busy!) and I didn't know how I was going to make it about half way through the night.  I survived and obviously I've moved on to bigger and better things.

The bigger picture for this week is that I did my 5.5 miles this weekend and earlier this week I hit 217.8 pounds which brings me at a total weight loss of 27.8 pounds.  AHHHH. I was so stuck at 226-228 for a month or so and now I've lost 3ish pounds the last two weeks.  Weird body, weird.  Whatever's happening I'm definitely okay with and hope it continues.  I'll be at my first major 50 pound goal before I know it and then it will be tattoo time.  Yep, you read right - I'll be getting my first tattoo at my 50 pound weight loss point and I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm not going to reveal the details of what I'm getting because it's pretty personal for me and it means a lot to more than just myself.  The person I'm most excited to show it to afterwards is going to hate that I even got it but I think will understand.  

Back to the 5.5 miles.... it was awful.  It was humid and sticky and awful.  I started out pretty strong the first mile and a half but after that it started getting hotter and I was praying for the rain that was forecasted.  Much to my dismay, that rain never happened and I spend the hour drenched in my own sweat (or the tears of my fat as I like to think of them) and miserable.  I didn't set an alarm clock as I typically wake up on my own around 7-7:30 but I didn't wake up until 9 and I was behind.  I know with summer I need to start early and that didn't happen.  I was more than okay running in rain but that didn't happen either.  At least this week I ate and didn't feel like passing out from starvation mode.  This week I have 4 3-milers set before I ramp up next Saturday with 6 miles. 6 MILES.  The realization that I will have to add a one in front of that six in the next several weeks is pretty scary.  I have started to mix up  my playlists or just listen to a whole album that I really like to try and get through it but its fading pretty quickly.  I started looking for new routes too so I can keep it interesting so I don't start getting bored.  I already am trying to plan for my big last long run of 20 miles of going to Columbus and running on the Olentangy Trail which goes a loooong way and I can go 10 out and 10 back easily and it will be good.  Right?  Right.  

Little brother's graduation was really nice and I'm still so proud of him.  He comes down this week for orientation at UC.  I want nothing but good things for him and know he can do whatever he sets his mind to.

I made a new buddy who lives on the west coast due to a running group on Facebook.  Every month they do a "swap" and get paired by by the page administrator with another runner and you have a $20 limit to send a goodie box to someone else.  I'm pretty excited and have already started collecting some things for her box - I can't wait to see what I get from the other side of the country. 

I also chopped my hair off this week.  It was already pretty short but had grown out about an inch and I was going to go all out semi-pixie and was pumped for it.  I had a picture of a color and style from Pinterest and needless to say when I left the salon of course they made it look good but when I went to style it myself the next day it was AWFUL.  I feel like I have two very different cuts (yes it's an asymmetrical cut but really that's not at all what I showed them.  I'm okay with whatever they do pretty much as long as it looks good) and one side is sort of pixie with part of the ear cut out and the other one looks pretty much like I had it done before.  The back is stacked but its kind of a longer stack and at the bottom one side is longer than the other and I have somewhat of a rat tail/mullet thing going on and I'm not at all happy.  The color I can live with but this cut is just embarrassing.  I'm cheap and I was also a student once so I have no problem going to one of the hair schools to get my hair done which is what I have been doing for almost two years.  The real issue I have is that because my color took a little bit longer than expected to process the instructor cut my hair and not the student and it looks this way.  I'm fine if the instructor comes to find a few mistakes or long pieces and fixes them but when someone who is teaching others does this terrible of a job that's concerning.  I'm going to try to get in to a nice place down the road tomorrow morning and pay way more than I normally like to but with my hair as short as it is it's going to be hard to fix and I'm probably going to end up with a full on short pixie haircut but if that's what it takes to make it straight I'll do it.  Like I said - as long as it looks good, I don't really care about the style I end up with.  I've been fortunately blessed with hair that does pretty much whatever I want it to and it grows back so whatever happens tomorrow happens.  Let's all just pray I don't have to go Britney Spears on this hair and shave it all off - ha ha :)

This begins my time back on day shift (hallelujah!) and the countdown to vacation is ON!  Woo hoo!  I don't mind night shift at all but when I don't work 3 in a row I'm pretty much useless on all the other days and I get nothing accomplished and all I do is watch TV and sleep.  Pretty lame.

That's all I think I have to ramble about for now.  Happy June everyone!

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