Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming clean.

This week... was... not great.  I started off okay, coming off my high of running 10 miles on Sunday.  I was so proud of myself but didn't feel great at the end due to some tummy troubles.  I guess this is a pretty common thing among endurance athletes due to increased blood flow to the muscles and brain and less to the other not as important at the time organs.  Like the stomach.  And intestines.  Yuck.  Working on that part without too many details :)

I worked Monday and all was good - went to the gym after and did fine.  My new meal plan update calls for a protein pancake in the morning and I was pretty excited for that.  I tried 3 different recipes over the week and hated them all!  I ordered a mix online from FlapJacked ( where they have a few different varieties but I stuck with buttermilk this time around.  The order didn't come until last night so I tried my first one with Walden Farms syrup (sugar free, carb free, calorie free - of course some artificial sweetner but don't drown the pancake in it and you'll be fine!) today and it was magnificent!  Yay for finding what works for me.

Tuesday I was off and did my workout, meal prepped, ran errands, went to the post office, looked up passport information and set us up a time to go get them next week... it was an exhausting "day off".  Then Wednesday I worked a 12 and yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift.   I did Zumba with an old friend from high school who lives in the area that I haven't seen in years on Wednesday night with my planned back workout after.  The class went over by a few minutes and by the time I got my music and notebook of what I was supposed to do out of the locker room it was 45 minutes until the gym closed and it was my first time doing these specific exercises and not my home gym so I wasn't as familiar with the equipment.  Excuse after excuse.  I left without doing it and went home.  Yesterday after work I came home because Kyle was going to be later getting home so I needed to come let Penny out of her crate and wait for him to be home so I could go.  I ate my first dinner and waited a bit for it to settle and I got myself up and going.  I got to the gym and the weight area was completely packed with all these meat head guys taking up all the equipment.  I finally got a bench and set my stuff down around it and got my weights.  I got through  my first set of arm exercises and some things require the dumb bells and some machines.  I had my machine set and there are 2 sides to it so 2 people can be doing exercises on it at the same time.  This dude takes my stuff off, sets it up for him immediately after I had used it and does one thing and stands around at it acting like he's psyching himself up for his next set and does nothing for 10 minutes. I go over to ask if I can use the other side with my stuff and he bluntly tells me no and puts his headphones back on.  Rude.  So I go back to my weights and figure I'd skip that part for now and go back to it and someone has moved my stuff over in the middle of the mat and taken my bench and my weights!  Seriously?! I was so frustrated.  I saw some young guys laughing at me in my favorite blue Nike shirt that says Beast in neon lettering with my sparkling headband.  Um.. hey guys.. I'm lifting heavier weights than you are so I probably wouldn't be laughing.  Whatever.  So I went upstairs to try to get my 5 mile run in.  It was GORGEOUS outside but I was already there and figured I'd just do it and go home.  About a mile in my left leg shin splints started acting up and I barely finished my 3 miles.  I still have a 5 and a 7 mile run to get in this week so I'm hoping it'll hold up for me today.

I have been keeping so busy with doing all of this and training for this marathon I haven't truly taken a full rest day of doing absolutely nothing.  I'm either running around grocery shopping or prepping food or finally getting to clean this apartment full of dog hair.  I'm sleeping around 4-5 hours a night and that's not enough for me.  I'm off 5 days starting today and that's my goal is to get my sleep in!  My eating hasn't been too off besides the breakfast protein pancake issue which is now resolved.  I did have a frappucino yesterday when I left the gym and I shouldn't have.  My first slip up in my meal plan in 25 days.  I'm trying not to beat myself up about it too much because what I did is behind me and I'm not planning on it again.  I am proud of myself for resisting all the temptations thus far and really being good about packing and making all my meals.  I've never had so much will power to keep pushing forward before.  That and my bridesmaid dress that I ordered a size too small on purpose came yesterday so I'm waiting a few weeks before I try it on to see how I'm going to fit in this thing.  Motivation in itself!

Now that I've come clean I feel much better.  It's out there, it happened and I'm moving on.  Last night before I went to bed I went in with the mind set that today is going to be a better day.  I woke up feeling that way and then I found out some information about a person who used to be in my life and my heart sank.  I'm happy for them, I really am, and I have moved on but it's just a tough thing to swallow.  Everything 100% happens for a reason and I'm choosing to not let today be another bad day. It's going to be a GOOD day! And I got approval for my cheat meal this week that I've been wanting incredibly bad - pizza :) a few slices and I'm cut off!  It's been since our last night of vacation that I've had any so I can't wait!

Speaking of vacation... and the passports I hinted at earlier... We're going on a cruise!  I've never been on one and I'm super excited!  Kyle booked us a Disney cruise leaving on October 31st (have your baby before or after I go, Kylynne!) and we're going to Disney's private island and to Nassau!  I'm excited to end the very exciting month of October after Amanda's wedding, my birthday and the marathon relaxing in a bit of paradise.  Passports aren't required but are suggested and neither of us have them anyway so we figured we'd go ahead and get them.  Woo hoo!

Have a wonderful weekend and get moving!  It's supposed to be beautiful!

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  1. Don't let the bad days get you down! You are doing awesome, keep up with the positive attitude!