Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's been a pretty fantastic week.

49 days to go before the marathon.  52 (well, 51.8 to be technical but I'm also a fan of rounding) pounds gone.  I hit that benchmark this week, friends.

The excitement I think was almost more than the Onederland mark.  I don't really know why but it seemed like saying "I've lost over 50 pounds" is a lot more exciting than saying "I've lost more than 40 pounds".  Whatever.  I'm excited about my tattoo, which I've decided to not get until after the marathon just because I'm the person that would get it infected or I'd be a big baby and it would be too swollen or hurt and I'd miss some training.  I certainly don't want to do that and I've got the rest of my life to get it now that I've hit the goal.  I kind of want two now but that's just crazy talk, right?  I mean the original idea means so much to me but then again I've spent this very significant part of my life over the last 8 months training for something that like less than 5% of the population does.  So I also feel like I really want a marathon tattoo but I haven't fully made up my mind.  And no Mom, I'm not going to end up covered in them like I just got out of prison or something so don't worry.  That's not how I operate.

I was contacted this past week by a PR person from the Columbus Marathon about a social media project via Instagram.  Cool - I tag #cbusmarathon in all of my pictures (and there are a lot of them) that have to do with my training so I figured they found me and I'd be one of several people they would highlight as we went along.  I mean, 18,000 people participate in this thing and I know I'm not the only one using Instagram here.  So I was surprised on Friday knowing they were announcing "us", and I didn't exactly know who all "us" would be, to the world and more importantly those training for the events as well when there were only 6 of us. And most of the others are serious runners.  I mean, yes, I consider myself a runner at this point but I don't travel around the country doing races or am anyone you'd be able to pick out of the crowd (unless I'm wearing my pink striped pants maybe).  These other people are and I am amazed to be in this group.  Little old me.  First timer.  Formerly obese girl.  Barely getting by over here.  But they chose ME and I am forever greatful.  Not only does it encourage me and keep me going knowing my face is out there on the cover of this marathon but that I can bring more light to Huntington's disease in doing so.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Columbus Marathon, you guys rock.  I can't wait to spend my 26th birthday with you and 17,999 of my friends and all of their friends.  Best.  Birthday. Ever.

I will be featured on the Runaway Bridal Planner's blog on September 5th - she highlights runners on her page and is a fellow Sweat Pink ambassador and I am excited to be making an appearance!  Check Kristy out at

I will also be September's featured Charity Athlete on which in itself is INSANE! Thank you so much to James who runs the site for the spotlight and also for doing the highlights of charity athletes in general.  Awesome!

I spent my very first week completely 100% on my own at work out of orientation.  Dudes - I'm an ICU nurse.  Like, a real life, totally responsible for little tiny pediatric cardiac babies nurse.  I am their guardian and I am their advocate while they are in my care and while that's pretty scary it's also very, very cool.  It is such an honor to do this job and I know it is where I was meant to be.  I posted an article on my facebook this week called Just a Nurse (you can find it here: and it really, really hit home.  Yes, for a little while I was pre-med.  I wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to save lives.  Life happened and it turns out that was not what I was supposed to do and I'm so glad that I'm a nurse.  Literally I cannot see myself being anything else.  The letters behind my name are more than a title to me and more than years of education.  RN, BSN defines me.  In a few years I will have more letters and more responsibility that comes with them but again, it is a privilege to earn them.  I am more than *just* a nurse.

Did I mention that I fit into my size 14 bridesmaid dress?  Because I do.  The last dress I bought for such an occasion was a 20.  Boo-ya.

I did my first giveaway on my Training Lindsay page this evening and it was so much fun!  I hate to call it a "fan page" but instead of bombarding my friends with insane amounts of training/weight loss posts I figured I'd just make the page and allow those who want to see them be able to.  Fair enough.  I am giving away samples of Advocare's Spark and Slam pre-workout drinks and hope the three that won will love them as much as I do!

Since it is August 31st my mileage for this month alone totaled 105.1 miles!  Holy smokes!  This month will be more since I've got a 16, 18, and 20 miler to do and my mid-week miles creep up ever so slightly along the way too.  I cannot believe I've lost more weight than I have days left before the marathon being 6 weeks from tomorrow.  I did 15 miles last weekend and it was awful.  Seriously, very, very terrible.  It took me 45 minutes more to run 1.9 miles further than my half the previous weekend.  Outrageous!  I have been mentally focused all week on this 16 miles in the morning ahead of me going better.  I will start strong.  I will eat a plain bagel before I go - just to see if that's going to help since I haven't been eating before hand.  The local running group ran very close by today and I have the route they ran for their 12 miles and my 2 miles to and from the metro park would put me right at my 16 for the day.  However, some of their route is on the road and not sidewalks and I don't know about bathroom stops and things along the way so I'm not 100% on if I will follow it or not.  I'm planning on getting out the door by 5:30-5:45 to get done before it gets too hot but they are calling for intermittent rain/storms so I'm charging my Garmin watch and iPod nano that I can use in the rain so I don't ruin my phone that I usually use for tracking my distance.  My iPod will be protected by the ever classic sandwich baggie :) so it will be safe as well.  I was considering going out this morning with the group but I had run the last 3 days in a row and decided I should sleep in today and give myself a day break of running before my longest distance to date.  I keep saying it every week but I've only got 2 longer ones after tomorrow before the marathon so that's also kind of weird to think.

I'm off to get some shut eye - the alarm clock goes off early on Sundays for this running girl.

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