Monday, June 9, 2014

Musings from the elliptical.

Life happens all around me, faster and faster each day. I can't believe it's June, let alone almost 1/3 of the way through the month. I'm doing some cardio - hello from the elliptical!

I've been working super hard in the gym, and I mean KILLING it. I'm lifting more weight, getting lower on my squats, and in generally just really, really putting in the work. I typically lift weights 4 days a week since I work 3 of the other days and 12 hour days and nights don't lend themselves to working out with any real benefit. I did ask for a 5th workout for weeks where I find myself working the end of one week and the beginning of the next and end up with 5-6 days off in a row, one of the perks of 3 days a week. Crazy, huh? I remember working out with Kyle's sister, Carrie, about 3 years ago and hating EVERY MINUTE. I wasn't mentally prepared to be doing this at that time. My mindset has changed. I LOVE working out. I love a good sweat. I love the soreness of spent muscles. I love seeing the changes that weightlifting brings to my body.

Just a few weeks difference! Welcome to the gun show!

My coach, Darin, is fabulous. We track my weight every single day to make sure things are happening like they should be. Not too fast, not too slow. I hit my all time low weight of 188.0 the week before last and I was thrilled. I remember being 175 my sophomore year of high school and when I get there that will be a huge milestone.

I asked everyone to share some non-scale-victories....things that are worth being proud of that AREN'T related to the number on the scale. Mine was the fact that I crossed my legs without thinking of it and I could actually do it AND my leg didn't fall asleep! Woo hoo! I want to hear more?

What's your most recent non-scale-victory?
Mine for this week was upping all my weights I was using at the gym! I did 105 pounds on the leg extension machine for 10 reps x3 sets! Woop woop!

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