Monday, June 30, 2014

16 weeks of training.

Training begins today! Training begins today!

Last year I was following a 30 week beginners marathon plan. It was totally what I needed to start as a very overweight beginning runner.  By the end of it, I was so burnt out and was OVER it. I didn't run after the marathon for more than a month and it was very sporadic.  I still haven't been running a ton, but I've done two half marathons already this year with no real training.  While I didn't PR, it showed me what I could still do and that this marathon thing IS doable.  I chose a 16 week training plan from because I feel it's a plan I can actually follow while working and wedding planning.  Obviously Runner's World has many plans but they have three 20 mile runs over the course of 16 weeks and I think I can only handle one of those in a training cycle.  It's much better to train with all those long endurance runs, but I know some people never run above 16 miles and can finish (and faster than I did last time around, too) so I think one single 20 miler will be enough and the mental aspect is more important.  Not only have I completed a 20 mile training run in the past, but I've done a whole 26.2 and finished upright on two feet and I'm more mentally prepared this time around for what that's going to feel like.

I'm sad to have to cut back on my weight lifting but this is something that's once in a lifetime - running the same marathon in two consecutive years but in the same year of my life.  HOW COOL! Seriously, I can't just not do it.  Too many *signs* point to me doing it.  My renewed inspiration will hopefully last me through training and I can hopefully hit my goal time and run the majority of the race.  By "goal time" I mean my original goal of 5:30 but definitely anything under 6 hours will be fine with me.  They changed the race course a bit and I'm excited for the changes and not running straight up High Street for almost 5 miles! After this race I will be ready for all the fun wedding festivities that will be in the weeks that follow.  The rest of this year is going to FLY by!  Here's to ALL the miles and memories - new and old - that come with this training cycle. 421.2 (+) miles to the finish line.

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