Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why yes, today I did log 9.3 miles.

On Monday this week, the day after my 4 mile run, I was sore.  I was dreading the next Monday because I knew that today I was to complete more than double that distance and I knew how sore I was then, let alone what I expect tomorrow.  Not only tomorrow but for many other days during this training process as I add the mileage and work towards my ultimate marathon goal.

However, today I ran 9.3 miles!  Well, to be totally honest I fully ran the first 6.2 miles.  A 10K.  When I hit that part of the goal my legs and butt were starting to get sore and honestly I don't think I've ever actually ran that far ever in my life anyway.  I fully intended to run the entire thing but completion is always the #1 goal in whatever I'm doing.

Today was the Heart Mini Marathon and last night we had a winter weather advisory up starting early this morning with 2-3 inches of snow expected.  The race was downtown and I'm not very familiar with the Cincinnati downtown area and I was already freaking out about the possibility of driving down there, let alone running in 2-3 inches of the white death.  I decided last night I was going to skip the event and mail my timing chip back tomorrow and I'd complete the distance in my neighborhood.  Now, with not a flake of snow on the ground I'm bummed I didn't go to the race because I didn't get my medal and two because I think if I had done the distance with the music and the fans on the sidelines I may have persevered through and actually ran the whole distance and blew my 2 hours and 15 minute goal out of the water.  The $40 race entry isn't a total loss as the event was to support the American Heart Association so at least it went towards a good cause.

I am super proud of myself for completing my farthest distance this year, farthest actually spent running and for coming in 4 minutes under my goal time at 2:19:36.  Now lets see how well I walk tomorrow :)

I go in for my pre-employment stuff at Children's this week on my day off and I'm excited to get my picture taken for my badge with my new rockstar haircut!  I went my newest favorite shade of red with a super short cut yesterday and I couldn't be happier.  I put on my hat to run this morning and you couldn't even see any of my hair!  The funniest part is I specifically bought this hat a few weeks ago because it had a hole for a pony tail.

I also forgot to mention that I FINALLY made it below my latest mini-goal of getting below 230.  This happened Monday when I weighed in at 229.8!  This morning I was 227.4.  The new armband really keeps me aware of my calorie balance and shows me exactly how active I've been and how many calories I REALLY have left for the day versus entering an exercise in the MyFitnessPal app and hoping it's somewhat correct and it shows that in this weeks weight loss.

This is my last week of "freedom" before marathon training becomes priority #1 for 30 weeks.  I'm going to Columbus to see my Daddy Saturday and for a special 3 year old's birthday party.  After that, Saturday mornings are made for long runs.  Today's weather was perfect for my run - overcast and cool.  I'm definitely not looking forward to double digit miles in the humidity of the summer.

THANK YOU to all who have donated to my First Giving site so far!  We crossed the $400 fundraising mark this week and I am hopeful to meet my goal by October.  I am humbled by the generosity and words of encouragement.

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