Friday, March 22, 2013

Goodbye to the next 30 weeks of my life.

My 30 week marathon training schedule officially begins Monday.  I'm nervous about it and that I'm actually going through with this.  I'm also extremely proud of myself for setting a goal and working towards it.  While my weight loss has slowed down with dieting (mainly) alone but I feel the 5 day a week training schedule will definitely kick things into higher gear as far as getting some more pounds off of me.  I posted the first of my "transformation" pictures this week where I can see the difference 18 pounds has made on my face - I've lost a chin or two!  My pants are actually FITTING, and not just squeezing on.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me as I'm getting up early tomorrow to head north and visit my Dad, see my favorite bride and bridesmaids for lunch and have a fun time at a 3 year old's birthday party.  They're calling for snow for the area Sunday into Monday with the possibility of 5-10 inches here which should make for a fun Monday morning commute.  I'm also in my last two weeks at my current job before I make the big move over to Children's.  I went this week for my pre-employment visit with employee health and HR for my badge.  I walked out with a new picture ID, a blood draw and two shots.  I only have one more day of call and next Friday is my friend Melissa's birthday/my going away party so that should make for a fun time.

With the new changes in work, schedule and training, I'm thinking about mixing things up a bit more with my eating.  Not only watching my total calorie intake but really focusing more on "clean eating".  I am obsessed with iced tea full of Sweet-n-Low which I down regularly most mornings with my oatmeal and at meals out.  I've been reading a lot about aspartame and un-natural chemicals and additives in food and I think making the switch would obviously be healthier but I don't know if I can realistically do it.  I still LOVE food.  I'm staying under my 1420 calorie goal most days and if I have the calories for a cookie or frozen yogurt, I eat it.  I think to really achieve the end results I'm looking for I may have to cut these things out of my diet completely and also stop eating artificial things in food, including my beloved Sweet-n-Low.  That being said, I've also read that completely cutting yourself off from those things you really love to eat can put you in a bad place and in moments of weakness one can binge some serious calories on all these things they've denied themselves.  I don't want that to happen, either.  I guess I'll have to find a happy medium.  Do any of you have experiences with the "clean eating" lifestyle/process?  Pros?  Cons?  Is this actually doable?  Can you still live a "normal" life and do this?  I've love to hear your input.

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  1. Hey Lindsay, it's Shannon (Pillis) Sauers here - there is an AWESOME documentary up on Netflix from Food Matters called Hungry For Change that has been revolutionary for me and my thinking about food. We are also slowly transitioning to a "cleaner" and vegetable-based diet here at our house. It's really about the mindset, I swear! Congrats on the weight loss so far! I'll have my fair share to do once this second baby comes along! :)