Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 (un)official race schedule!

Now that we're into February and I'm totally feeling this "year of the half marathon", I decided on my race schedule a few weeks ago and wanted to share!

Now... that being said… 5 of the 9 things I want to do are on weekends I work.  I only work every 3rd weekend so that's pretty impressive that it worked out like that.  I got one covered already and another I work Saturday night shift and could theoretically run a half that morning and work that night, I've done it before in training for the marathon last summer.  Anywho… here's my events for 2014!

March 16 - Heart Mini Half Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)
April 6 - ORRRC Half Marathon (Xenia, OH) - I got invited to a conference this weekend so my already paid for registration is out the window - I'm excited about the conference though!
May 4 - Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)
June 29 - Mason Sprint Triathlon (Mason, OH)
August 24 - Emerald City Half Marathon (Dublin, OH)
September 20 - Air Force Half Marathon (Dayton, OH)
October 4 - Run Like A Girl Half Marathon (Columbus, OH)
October 19 - Columbus Marathon Half (Columbus, OH)
November 1 - Mason Half Marathon (Mason, OH)

I've officially registered for 4 of these so far and am waiting to do the rest as paychecks become available and hopefully can trade the weekends I'm supposed to work!  It's going to be a busy race season but I'm excited because doing a race every 3-5 weeks means once I get to my high mileage in a few weeks that it won't be too bad to maintain my distance and hopefully can set many PR's this year!  That, and my first sprint triathlon will be an exciting time too just 8 weeks after the Pig and I have an 8 week training schedule that will be a nice change of pace in the middle of all these 13.1's. It'll make the summer and fall go by quickly and that means the wedding will be here before I know it and I'll be at my best shape!  Getting excited!

Will I see any of you at these races?!

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