Friday, April 11, 2014

My heart is happy.

We were able to come home from the hospital yesterday. I was so thankful to get my love home and comfortable. He's already doing so much better now that he has gotten some good sleep. This makes my heart happy.

I waited to pick up our dog, Penny, from doggie daycare until this afternoon so we could get settled, I could get the house disinfected/clean and get caught up on the laundry. We picked her up and she was so excited to see us! I just love that girl! Her 2nd birthday is this week and I'm excited to celebrate her. My heart is happy.

Sleepy girl.

I ran some errands, restocked our fridge, got the fur children flea and heart worm meds, and got my usual tea at Starbucks. I'm thankful we have the financial means to do all of the above. My heart is happy.

I went to both morning and evening Zumba classes today. Granted, I was half asleep for the first part of the morning class, but then I got to help teach my favorite song. After class another sweet lady, Kym (hi!), told me I was brave and thanked me for sharing on my blog. You made my heart so happy. Then I got to go to the second class of the day and help teach my OTHER favorite song. I heard great music on my drive home with the windows down. 

I have so much each day to be truly thankful for, and my heart is so full and happy.

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