Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - April Edition

Wow. Firstly I'm shocked that it's the first week of April! Second, I was blown away by the love and kind words of support and encouragement after yesterday's Transformation Tuesday post. I'm always a work in progress. 

Here we are, another month closer to December AKA the BIG DAY! We've done a bit of work on things since the last update.

Engagement pictures are right around the corner! We set a May 7th appointment with our photographer Erica for our first round of pictures. We chose to have them done in our beloved Columbus in a mix of downtown and on Ohio State's campus. I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it)!

We also are still on our honeymoon hunt! We've narrowed it down between Sandals St. Lucia and Jamaica or a Princess Cruise leaving out of Houston and sailing to Cozumel, Honduras, and Belize. The multiple locations sound appealing and the flight is cheaper than going on an international flight. The Sandals all sound amazing so it's really hard to choose! We're also planning a honeymoon registry and Sandals does their own or we can go through the travel agent we've been talking with to help choose our trip. 

I've also been e-mailing and keeping things as organized as possible for my bridal party! After being in more than my fair share of weddings, I understand how frustrating it can be to not know when anything is happening, what I'm supposed to wear, what's going on with hair/makeup/etc. I think it's important to keep everyone as "in the loop" as possible so those who are there to support you on your biggest day know exactly what's going on and when!

Next up - accessory & shoe shopping!

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