Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - May edition!

Hello all you beautiful people!  It's that time again - Wedding Wednesday!

I left you last month with lots of cliffhangers, and lots of little things and some big things have happened in the wedding front!

Firstly - and the biggest thing - we booked our honeymoon!  We were torn between several of the Sandals resorts and I looked into flights and they were all going to be international and more costly than just flying within the US.  So, we decided that we wanted to do a Princess cruise out of Texas.  We get to visit Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel on our week long cruise and take in the sights along the way from our balcony on the 14th floor suite at the front of the ship!  It was actually cheaper to get the suite on the ship than one of the rooms with a nice view at any of the Sandals.  We are definitely going through with the Honeymoon Registry through the HoneyFund - an online 3rd party source that we found that had the lowest fees (around 2%) and works directly with PayPal to get us the funds that we receive.  We don't need a whole lot as far as a traditional registry, so we are excited to have this as an option.  I recently had a co-worker take a cruise to the same locations with a different cruise line and said the excursions were so much fun!  I definitely want to see the Ruins and the sea turtle farm and dark cave river rafting tour seems exciting!  I'm very much looking forward to the trip!

We also ordered and quickly received our cake topper from an online store I found on Facebook.  It's a super cute purple peacock and I'm excited to already have it on hand for when we go in the next few months to taste and choose a cake!  This is the part Kyle is most excited about - obviously.

Later today we're taking our engagement pictures!  I'm excited to finally show off the dress I picked up while I was in Minnesota and wear some of my favorite pieces of jewelry from my Chloe and Isabel collection.  We're meeting our photographer, Erica, in Columbus and we'll be doing a few outfit changes and locations.  I think I've been looking forward to engagement pictures almost as much as I was for dress shopping!  I'm getting my makeup done for my trial before our shoot with the same aesthetician who will be working with my girls and I the day of the wedding so I'll look picture perfect. Kyle doesn't love pictures so this is the perfect opportunity for us to get some great shots to have forever.  I'm excited to capture this moment in our lives.

Did you do an engagement shoot?  Have you ever used or bought from a Honeymoon Registry?

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