Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 has finally arrived!  Kyle and I went to dinner with my sister Laurel and nephew Levi last night then went to UDF for some ice cream (frozen yogurt for me!).  We came home after dinner and hung out - me playing online poker and Kyle on his iPad.  We sure are party animals.

I got to sleep in and spent most of the day packing and sorting through drawers and previously unpacked boxes of photo books and such from the last time we moved.  A week from now we'll be in our new apartment which I am pretty excited about.  We are headed to a new, modern apartment complex with other people there closer to our age.  I feel like we stick out like a sore thumb where we are now as I believe we are the youngest people besides the children who live here.  Our dog exceeds the weight limit for us on the third floor so we move to the first floor here or out completely, so we're moving out.  I'll also have a nice garage to keep my car ice-free - a plus with the winter we've been having already!  The only good thing (that I have a love/hate relationship with) are the mandatory three flights of stairs we've been hiking up and down every time we come and go.  Good for the training and weight loss, but sometimes it's what keeps me from getting up and going out at all.  Sad, but true.

I started tracking my food today.  I wrote down what I ate and then logged it all into myfitnesspal.com's app on my phone.  It has my current weight plugged in with an end goal and set at weight loss at one pound a week.  It then gives a total calorie number for the day with total amount of protein, fat, and carbs for the day as well.  Everything I've eaten today was already loaded in by other users and I verified the numbers that were pre-loaded with the packages from which I cooked.  This will hopefully make things easy.  Some part of this has to be easy, right?

I didn't get the chance to do "formal" exercise today but I was busy sorting through things, moving boxes around, taking loads of trash down and Penny out to potty during the day.  All that matters at the end of the day I was up and moving for most of it.  I even made two full meals today which I cannot honestly remember the last time I did.  Eggs for breakfast and a turkey loin with green beans and quinoa and brown rice.

Tomorrow is another day and I know that this is going to be a day by day journey.  I did make one decision and that was last week when I cancelled my gym membership and opted for a Massage Envy membership instead.  Why?  Well, for starters I don't use my gym membership.  I thought it was a great idea because it had an indoor pool and classes but I've never done either.  That and I also have a free gym at the apartment so if I was going to use a gym - why drive?  Or pay for it?  I'd rather use that money to help me de-stress and feel better while I train.

I also put some of my Christmas gift cards to use by ordering some cute work out clothes while the sales were still going on.  I put my new address on some things and this old address on others depending on the expected delivery date so I hope everything gets to me one way or the other.

Well, here's to day two!

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