Monday, January 14, 2013

P90X day 1. O.M.G.

I did P90X about 2 years ago for about 50ish days.  I definitely noticed a difference and it was tough.  Add 20ish pounds to that tough and lack of working out for the last several months and it. was. awful.

Last time I did the "lean" version and this time I'm opting for the "classic" schedule so I didn't start with the core synergistics DVD like last time.  That also happened to be my favorite one of the bunch and I'm sad that I don't see much of that at all in this schedule.  Today was chest & back with ab ripper X.  I don't have a pull up bar at home or any kind of hook to do the pull up portions so I simulated the type of pull up they were doing holding weights and doing the same hand positioning they were doing.  The other issue was Penny going between my arms and body during push ups - tons of fun.  I did it anyways.  

Ab ripper X was a whole different story.  I was defeated completely by these moves.  Extra abdominal tissue from the last time I did this I'm sure didn't help.  It was torture and I can't wait for it to get easier, which means I must keep doing it.  I must also keep telling my brain I must keep doing it :)

I also had my first "weigh in" this weekend.... drumroll please....

I'm down 4.4 pounds!  Woo hoo!

I think that's about all for now - gotta get the sweat out of my eyes.

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