Sunday, April 14, 2013

One week post-injury.

I've been recovering for a full 7 days now and I'm glad to say I'm doing much better!  My foot is significantly less swollen (I couldn't fit my foot into a tennis shoe until Thursday) but it is pretty bruised on both sides and at the top of my foot where my foot and toes meet but I'm not having any pain and have full range of motion back.  I bought a brace today at Dick's Sporting Goods that's at their highest level of support/stabilization so I feel confident in getting back out this week.  I took Penny on a 2.5 mile walk Friday night and while I was swollen for the rest of the evening I didn't have pain which was the most important part to me.

We went to Belterra Casino last night to see Frank Caliendo do a stand up show with our friends Brian and Christina and had a nice time.  This week is Penny's birthday and I have a husky cake topper with a puppy wearing a birthday hat sitting in front of a cupcake and the whole thing is sitting on a block that they put a "P" on for me so I am excited to use it this week with her doggy cake.  We invited my sister and her family with their dog, Woodson, over to share the cake this week - should be fun!

While out and about today I had some braking problems with my car.  In August I was driving on our outerbelt and some debris came in front of me and went under my car and clipped my brake line on my right back side.  It was terrifying coming off the highway at 70mph realizing you don't have brakes to stop you but it all worked out safely for myself and Penny who was in the car with me at the time.  I got it towed, had a rental and within a week it was repaired and back to me. 3 weeks ago I was pulling into the hospital parking lot and went to brake and my pedal went to the floor and I had to pump it several times to get myself stopped again safely in the lot.  Kyle came after work and brought some brake fluid and it turns out I was out and pulling air in my line.  The refill seemed to do the trick until today where I got off the highway and turned into a local mall parking lot and went to brake and had the same to-the-floor response and had to pump the pedal again to get myself stopped.  Scary thinking I had just gotten off the highway and lucky I got slowed down safely but there I found myself in a busy parking lot with minimal braking.  I walked down the road and got some brake fluid and returned to my car to find the reservoir under my hood still full.  Kyle came to my rescue and drove around the lot a bit with seemingly working brakes.  I was too nervous something else was going to happen so we left it in the lot.  My insurance guarantees the work of their "preferred shops" for the lifetime of my ownership of the car so I called my insurance company and they say there are no rental car places open at all on the weekend which I find very hard to believe.  Kyle now has to drive me to and from downtown for work tomorrow before I can get my rental after that so this can be checked out.  I am hoping they can link it back to the work that was done before and it will be taken care of by them instead of me having to foot a big bill.  At the end of it all I just want it fixed and not have to worry about it anymore.  Nothing is scarier than not knowing if your brakes are going to stop you or not.

Now that I've had my training week off I'm even more excited to get back on track!  Every time I saw someone running I was getting jealous of them for it which before was NEVER me to get that way - especially over someone RUNNING.  Life is changing in a good way and I'm so excited about my improved health, fitness level and of course my new job. I love knowing what I'm doing is going to make all the difference in the world to a child and family and get to wear pink zebra scrubs in the process.  The company seems absolutely wonderful and I still can't believe I've been offered this amazing opportunity.

Until next week :)...

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