Wednesday, December 4, 2013

24 day challenge results!

As promised, my Advocare 24 day challenge results post is here!

I reluctantly shared my photos showing the difference from day 1 to day 24 on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  I haven't ever posted shots like those myself publicly and it was pretty scary to hit that "post" button.  I was hesitant but know that it would be no different than posting a bathing suit shot and one day I'll be bikini ready and they will again make for nice progress shots.

As far as the challenge goes I lost all 8 pounds I gained from vacation despite being slightly off track in my eating and exercising.  I also lost 7.5 inches in total!  1/2 inch off each arm, 1 1/2 inch from my bust, 2 1/2 inches from my waist, 1 1/2 inch off my hips, 1/2 inch off each thigh, 1/4 inch off each calf. I was just super fluffy.  I woke up today feeling pretty lean and happy with my run and time at Zumba last night.  We've been killing it lately and I'm sweating up a storm each class.

I talked with my favorite instructor, Leah, last night about potentially becoming an instructor myself as my next sort of adventure after the triathlon this summer.  She was pumped to hear about it and I'm sure will be able to lead me in the right direction should I choose to pursue it.  I'm excited but nervous since I'm not the greatest dancer and not that creative with making up new things for people to do in class since doing the same ones over and over will get boring - she assured me there are plenty of youtube videos out there to learn from so I'm glad to hear there are resources and ideas out there for us non-creative people who just like to dance!

I've had some interest after this in doing a New Year's challenge group and I'm totally game for hosting one!  We'll have a private Facebook page to discuss and share how you're doing/feeling/meal ideas or whatever else comes up and hold each other accountable!  I'll put it out on the page again in a few weeks when it's time to order to have what you need in time to start the year but just putting the bug in your ears now in case you're interested or have questions about any of it.  Feel free to message me on my Facebook page or e-mail me at

I was excited to announce the winner of the giveaway and am excited for Rachel K to have her cleanse on the way!  I'm putting an order in this weekend and will have it to you ASAP once I receive it :) Thanks again everyone for entering and supporting me here and in other social media (and real life!) outlets.

I've been sucessful in the Run Streak so far and have run every day for the last week! I've PR'd my mile time (9:28!) and ran 2 miles in 20:48 the other night.  I'm getting faster every day and will be starting to work on getting 2-3 miles in more days than single miles to get a better base for marathon training that starts THIS MONTH.  Ahhh - December, where did you come from?!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family and friends and look forward to the holiday season to come.  My nephew turns 3 next week and we have our first Christmas celebration with Kyle's family next weekend as well.  This weekend we're having my maid of honor Christina and her boyfriend Brian over for our 3rd annual lasagna and Love Actually watching party - here's to hoping I don't get called in!  I've got a work streak going too where I either work or am on call for a total of 14 days.  Weddings don't pay for themselves!  I'm almost halfway there :) Last two nights on night shift starts tonight then I'm back on day shift after this weekend of being on call. I finished my PALS and ACLS courses for work and now comes GRE studying to add to the mix so I can get my applications started for anesthesia school.

I'm sure a full 2013 recap post will be in order in the coming weeks but I have felt extraordinarily blessed this entire year and I don't know how 2014 will beat it, but I've got high hopes.  Just thinking of finishing marathon number 2, my first triathlon AND walking down the aisle gets me giddy and I know that somehow 2014 will be even greater than 2013.


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