Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Year, New you.

Last December when I started this blog I went in with the motto of "new year, new you" to keep me motivated on a daily basis.  I knew things would change for me but not near to the extent I had planned.  I had no idea what I'd look like 50+ pounds down from my current weight and hoped I could cross the finish line of a marathon but couldn't imagine how it would feel and I still can't properly put it into words.

Along the way I've found Advocare, and it's been the basis of my giveaways, become part of my daily routine and something I'm excited about.  I'm going to Success School next month to find out how I can better help others with it and I'm excited to be hosting a New Year's 24 Day Challenge group!  I've got two amazing ladies in various parts of their journey to bettering themselves in already and I'm looking for 8 more!

We will have a private Facebook group to discuss the day to day of the Challenge, answer any questions you may have and share what you're doing to make the most of the first 24 days of the year!  You too could find yourself feeling like I have about this year and all it starts with is the choice to want to change.  YOU have to want to do it for yourself.  YOU have to put in the work.  YOU have to decide what you want.  For me, it was about not feeling like I was going to die walking up a flight of stairs, to be able to be healthy enough to one day have children, to be able to shop in a "normal" store.  This year I cut up my Lane Bryant card and opened a Victoria's Secret one in its place.  I shrank below my "goal" American Eagle jeans that had been sitting in my drawer.  Through the ups and downs I wore a size 14 bridesmaid dress when the previous one I had bought was a 20 or 22.  I pushed myself over the finish line after 26.2 grueling miles to celebrate my birthday and the gift of a new life full of opportunities.

Want in on the 24 Day Challenge?  Visit my Advocare site at and put your order in by 12/27 (with 2 day shipping if you wait til the last minute) to have your products in time for January 1st! Have questions?  E-mail me at  Once I see your order I'll invite you to the private Facebook page and we'll get this party started!

I believe in me and I believe in YOU.


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