Sunday, March 2, 2014

My love of Title Boxing & Orlando.

Holy shoot guys, it's been far too long since you've heard from me.  So much has happened that I don't even know where to start.

I've been meaning to write for 2 weeks about my Title Boxing classes, then about my trip to Orlando, now about my second 24 day challenge and group that I've got going on AND my new position as a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser AND the fact that my first 13.1 of the year is 13 days away.  Phew.

One. Thing. At. A. Time.

So.. Title Boxing!  Wow.. the best "power hour" I've ever been to!  Not that I was ever a big drinker but in this power hour, you can burn 1,000 calories. I was sold.

Your "First Shot" is free so I picked a 6AM class on Valentine's day and I was so glad I did!  The instructor was super nice and even helped me wrap my hands and got me some gloves to use.  The first 15 minutes are a warm up (but it was more like a total body workout!  Running laps around the rows of bags with intermittent burpees, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, etc) followed by 30 minutes of boxing on the big 100 pound hanging bags.  They do 8 rounds with breaks between to make up that 30 minute session.  The last 15 minutes are cool down and core work.  I've got the punching part down and the squats and running are no problem, but my core is WEAK.  Planks and side planks and flutter kicking let me know that. Phew!  My abs were sore for that whole weekend and then I went back on Monday for more, this time sporting my new pink gloves and scarlet and grey wraps.  I love the early morning classes offered, one location even offers a 5AM class and they also have kickboxing classes.  With one membership you can go to any location and there are several around here plus a few in Columbus when I go home to visit (Carrie - you're coming with me!).

I'm hoping to make it to at least one of these classes a week and ideally on my days off start with a morning class and get my Zumba on in the evening.  In a perfect world this would work out all the time but we'll see - it's my intention to get there!

I made it to boxing in the morning and Zumba at night on the Monday before I left for Florida last week so I was happy getting the week off on a good foot.  I attended the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Cardiology 2014 conference at the Disney Yacht Club & Beach Resort with a lot of other incredibly intelligent people working hard to better care for babies, children, and now adults who were born with congenital heart disease.  I have the coolest job.

The only negative was trying to get medical professionals to sit through several hours of lectures and presentations.  Some were excellent and very pertinent to my job but I'm used to being on my feet for 12+ hours a day and some of us got a bit stir crazy.  I did workout 3/5 days we were gone and even did my first Crossfit workout (called a WOD) with two of the other girls.  They also had amazing treadmills in the gym that allowed me to run through the trails in other countries virtually, however, it was hotter inside that gym than it was outside!  There was a loop outside that made up the Boardwalk area that was 0.8 miles around and there were lots of people out running on that too.  The Disney Princess Half Marathon was last weekend and I was lucky enough to meet 5 followers who recognized me while I was out and about on Disney property and in the hotel.  You guys are awesome!  I wish I had run the race and did have a possible opportunity but there were no transfers for registrations that weren't used.  Bummer!

Overall it was a great week with some great ladies, we learned a lot, had some great meals, got some workouts in, and I don't think I've drank that much coffee in my whole life as I did last week but who's counting? :)  The 80 degree weather was even much appreciated by my very pale skin (that did get sunburnt sitting outside for lunch) after this horrid winter we've had here in Ohio.

Did you run the Princess Half marathon?  What did you think?  Would you recommend a RunDisney experience?  Have you ever gone boxing before?  Did you enjoy it?


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  2. Sounds like you had a great day! I’m glad that you were finally enrolled to a boxing gym. It’s a tiring, yet fun experience! Anyway, just take it easy doing the routine when you do core-strengthening exercise like curl ups, if you find your core is still not up to it. Your stomach would likely get hurt if you forced yourself to get up suddenly. I hope you're having a great time training!

    Barbara Cales @ Legends Boxing Gym

  3. It’s good to hear that you loved your first experience in boxing. It’s not surprising, because boxing is really a sport that has a lot of good things going for it -- you get to lose calories, learn to discipline your body, and enjoy at the same time. What could you possibly ask for more in a workout, right? Anyway, I hope you’re still on it and enjoying every minute. Cheers!

    Conrad Mills @ Toronto Top Team