Monday, March 3, 2014

My second Challenge!

After I got back from Orlando, I decided on doing my second Advocare 24 day challenge and really wanted to get others involved too.  I felt good when I came back and we had gotten good workouts in while I was gone but the scale said otherwise and I knew Operation Wedding Dress was ON.

So I put it out there to my friends and family on my personal Facebook and to my followers on Instagram and my Training Lindsay page on FB as well that I was doing a challenge and looking for 10 people to do it with me for a chance at a $250 CASH prize!  I was excited for others to be excited about it and I currently have 6 people in the group!  I am taking people who order through my site until March 9th to be considered for the prize and a few people have already started - one even on a Friday!  Boom!  You know, you don't always have to make changes on a Monday :)

So what do you have to do?  Order your 24 day Challenge kit here - and I'll send you the "rules" and another cute free-bee to use to help along the way!  Have questions? E-mail me at and we can chat about it. I weighed myself on day 5 (yesterday) and was already down 5 pounds!  I'm sticking to the plan and know I'll reach my goal of being in the 180's by the end of my challenge!

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