Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Shoes.

Sunday when I ran the Heart Mini half marathon, I knew it would be the last time I ran in *the* shoes. 

Running shoes have a limited life span of a few hundred miles. It sounds like a lot, but considering in my 30 week training cycle I ran 560 miles, it's safe to say I earned my third and last pair at that time for such a long schedule.

I was sort of upset at first when I was fitted not only for a wide shoe, but a MENS wide shoe. No pretty colors, no bells and whistles, but they fit, I had zero blisters or black toenails the whole time I trained. I bought the same shoes again about halfway through as replacements, and ordered my third and current pair the week of my 20 mile run (and engagement!) and used them the last 2 weeks for my taper to break them in for marathon day. It's safe to say I'm pretty attached to these now women's size but-still-wide shoes. The perfect baby blue color to go with my favorite training capris. As I lost weight, my feet shrunk too - bonus!

Anywho, I knew these babies would carry me on my 26.2 mile journey of my life and I was relying on them to keep me going. They did just that, again blister free and with all my normal colored toenails intact.

I hadn't ran but maybe 10 times before my 10K two weeks ago and finished the race in these shoes. Two for two.

Then the first half marathon of my year was upon me and I ordered the new model of my current shoes - in wide, but in PINK! - and knew this would be their last race before being retired. I even got my first back of the ankle mark during the half and got a spot of blood on them, I think it signifies the battles we've run through. (Or for you Sox fans, I felt like Schilling!) 

I don't know that I've ever felt so strongly attached to shoes as I do these, but they brought me to the finish, more than once, and I'm greatful.

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