Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flying Pig Marathon - week 2.

I have been so busy these last few weeks that it's hard to believe how fast they have gone by!  The Christmas decorations are down, life is back to semi-normal, and the calendar is starting to get full again with work, training, my work conference at Disney mid-February, wedding planning meetings, Kyle's birthday coming up, my niece's birthday coming up, the Advocare Success School conference next weekend and lots of other odds and ends.

I was supposed to work last night through Sunday night, the dreaded but sometimes necessary 3 shifts in a row.  I got called off and it was all I thought it could be!  I got caught up on my wedding binder, got things together for Best Body Bootcamp (post to come next week on that!), Kyle and I watched a few episodes of New Girl on Netflix, and I was relaxed and content for the first time in awhile knowing my run was out of the way and I had nothing to do for today but go to work later tonight.

So, week 2 of Flying Pig marathon training is officially under my belt and it was a good training week despite being stuck on the treadmill.  I was hoping to get my long run outside but a surprise 1/2 inch of snow Thursday night covered the sidewalks that I knew had icy patches lingering that I couldn't see so I thought I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Monday - Worked day shift - rest day.

Tuesday - 5 mile pace run.  I knew I was working in the OR Wednesday and I'd probably need to run before work since I was on call. I knew working all weekend I would be doing my long run likely Friday during the day so I wanted to get my second highest mileage done early.  Plus I had all day to do it since I had the day off.  10:45 pace/53:47 total time.  Fastest 4-6 mile range by a full 30 seconds that I did 5 miles in back in September.  Woop woop!

Wednesday - 3:45AM wake up for an easy 3 miles.  The gym is a dark, lonely place this early in the morning but I get to play music out loud instead of using headphones so that's kind of a plus!

Thursday - Another easy-ish 3 miles.  10:45 pace/32:15 total time.

Friday - 9 miles in the books.  11:37 pace/1:44 total time.  I set it to 5.1 for a nice pace and did the first hour on the rolling hill setting.  I hate hills.  Really.  BUT, the marathon has some beast ones and I know I need to do them.  Plus it made the hour go by super quickly, so that's a plus.

Total miles week 2: 20
Total miles run this training cycle: 38.6

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