Friday, August 22, 2014

Columbus Marathon Training - Double Time.

Last week ended up getting all sorts of crazy. I got some (not all as I wanted to) runs in, my 12 mile long run got cut to 8 miles due to getting massively sunburnt in the process. Yes, I wore sunscreen and am currently scratching my back on the edges of walls and door frames due to my skin peeling and being incredibly itchy. This week I've got another short 4 miles to do tonight when it hopefully cools down some as we're having the hottest week of the summer so far. I have my next half marathon, the Emerald City half, on Sunday and the race director already sent out a weather warning. It starts at 7AM so I'm hoping to make it through the race without becoming completely dehydrated. This week was supposed to be a 14 mile long run but 13.1 will have to do. My average pace has been staying around 11:30 without too much trouble and I even picked it up and started my long run last week in the 12's and finished overall at an 11:49 average minute/mile. Happy with that! My big goal is to run this entire half - something I've yet to do. The Little Miami half last August (and also the week I reached One-derland!) I almost ran the whole thing minus a mile or so in total and that's as close as I've come. I'm going to focus less on pace, more about enjoying the race and keeping my feet moving. When I get home after my 2 hour drive my future family & in-laws will be here for a cookout and I'll have enough hands to complete my simultaneous ALS ice bucket challenge AND Pie in the face for HD! Should be fun!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the past two weeks - I'll definitely get a race recap up ASAP after Sunday!


My welcome committee when I got home from a run :)

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