Monday, August 11, 2014

Columbus Marathon Training - Week 6.

Week 6 wasn't awesome. I'll lead with that.

I had two 4 milers, a 5 mile, and an 11 mile long run scheduled. I didn't make my distances, any of them, but I did run 4 times. I won't even break down my runs or my pace. I thought I may have developed a stress fracture when I cut my 11 mile run short to 3.5 miles Saturday morning due to some intense pain. I took two days off and went for a short run today and I feel like I'm okay. 

I have a half marathon next weekend and I want to be healthy for that and want to run the whole thing - that's my only goal. I'm nervous for the heat but it starts at 7:00 so it shouldn't be too bad. The mornings lately have been cool.

I'll leave you with some snapshots of the week. Hey, week 7, please be nice, okay?

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