Sunday, August 31, 2014

A restful week.

I've been down this whole week.  I had a sore throat the evening before last week's Emerald City half marathon and woke up with one but thought it was from the cold air in the room. I ran the race and figured it was just the humidity dragging me down, but it was probably (most certainly) the plague that was brewing inside my sinuses.

I haven't taken a full week off from working out since the Columbus Marathon almost a year ago.  Like, completely completely off.  I came home from the race, we had a cookout with Kyle's family, and then I went to take a nap.  That lasted 12 hours when I had to get up for work at 4:30AM. I nearly fell asleep on the couch when I got home from work at 8PM and worked Tuesday as well.  I slept 10 hours that night and the next, worked Friday in the OR and was home at 4.. took a "nap" at 5pm that turned into another 12 hour nap.  I think my crazy life finally caught up with me and it hit me hard.  I haven't slept as much in a whole month as I have in the last week. My nose felt like a faucet, my taste was gone (probably a good thing), and I was coughing up my left lung.

It also gave me time to make a plan.  I'm on the upward swing and I'm ready to crush some goals in September.  I've gained back about 8-10 pounds from my lowest weight. I've been lazy and not sticking to a diet plan since I had to break up with my trainer, Darin. I'm doing a September challenge to keep myself accountable and working towards a short term goal.  I find I am more successful than looking at the larger picture ahead.  I've written in my planner workouts for every week from now through the wedding so I can take things truly one week at a time.  I made a meal plan for myself for the first week and we'll go from there.  I know most of the 8-10 pounds isn't true weight gain but from my lack of water intake when my body is used to the gallon+ a day I've been drinking for a long time, so those pounds should come back off easily (especially since my clothes really don't fit any differently). I'm hoping to be 5-8 pounds lower than my original lowest weight and be 180-183 by October 1st.  It's not all about the number, but seeing that number in comparison to the 245 that it used to read is a big win for me.

So that's the game plan for the next month, and it's all about consistency.  Consistent in my eating, running, and keeping active in general without sneaking to the cafeteria for cookies or pizza.  I know the progress I made last year in a months time and I know I can do it again.  Seriously - if you know me in real life and you see me trying to deviate from my plan - SAY SOMETHING. Seriously.  I do better when I know I have eyes on me and eat what's in my lunch box.

Tomorrow I have some miles to run and I'm going to a 90 minute Zumba class while I have the day off.  Starting September off the right way.

What are your September goals?

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