Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - August Edition.

I say this every time - but this year is FLYING!  Things are really coming together and I wish I could express just how truly excited I am for everything!  Between running and working and everything else… It'll be December before we know it!

The biggest things that happened over the last month were that we did our food and cake tastings, our Save the Dates went out, and I picked up my dress!

We chose to do our cake and food tasting on the same day so we didn't have to make two trips to Columbus for the purpose of stuffing our faces :)  We did our cake meeting first with Michelle of Sauer's Cakes who we loved and my tummy actually hurt from all the yummy flavors we were concocting to make our perfect cake.  I'm SO excited about it and it'll be a main focal point of the room for us and our guests.  It's going to be STUNNING!…and delicious!

After our cake meeting we went to our venue for our tasting.  There are so many events every week at our venue that they invite 50 people at a time for their tastings and it's quite an undertaking.  They had everything set up as far as tables, linens, chairs, center pieces…just like it were someone's event.  They seated us, we had our first appetizer on the table and were pointed toward the mashed potato martini bar station which was phenomenal.  Martini glasses filled with red skinned mashed potatoes and a variety of potato toppings - AMAZING.  I had two.  Whoops.  Then we were offered to go up to the appetizer station where we tried meatballs, wraps, bruschetta, and more.  THEN, we went to the entree portion where we had 7 main entree meats to try and they were all spectacular.  They had their gormet breads to try and they finished the giant meal with a buckeye, chocolate covered apples and strawberries.  YUM.  I couldn't eat a meal the rest of the day, and this was at 2pm.  I was so. full.  It was so fun and we shared the day of tastings with my maid of honor, Christina, and her boyfriend Brian so it was great to have some company!

I knew my dress was supposed to come in sometime in July and it was the last week and I was (not so) patiently waiting for the call that it had come in.  With a few days of the month to spare, I got the call, and arranged with my 3rd bridesmaid, Karley, who hadn't seen the dress yet, to come with me to pick it up and have a girls day!  I had all my accessories and shoes and it fit!  It actually needs taken in a little (woo hoo!) and I absolutely love it.  It's hanging in my closet right now and all I want to do is wear it around all day every day. I can't wait to reveal it to you all!

Next up?  Stuffing invitations and maybe my one small DIY project I want to work on - table numbers! Thanks for being an awesome wedding month, July!  I'll leave you with some of my favorite Save the Date selfies I got from excited friends!

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