Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Columbus Marathon Training Week 5 - Double Digits!

Sometimes you're early with posts, and sometimes you're a little late.  

I've officially ran all the miles and finished week 5 of marathon training for the Columbus Marathon!  I even worried about the rain and clearly, and more importantly, all my electronic devices, so I ran my long run - 10 MILES - on a TREADMILL this week.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I worked night shift after my long run and have a few days off to begin week 6 immediately after typing this post, so let's get to re-cappin'!

Tuesday - I ran between night shifts.  It was hot, Penny was acting crazy, and I didn't want to crate her nor did I want to run with her in 80 degree weather, so I did two quick laps around the apartment complex for 1.34 miles, pace of 11:23.  Few miles are better than no miles in my book.

Wednesday night I also chose the treadmill for a super late run.  I'm super thankful for my foot pod that goes with my Garmin because it can more accurately track my distance when I'm indoors based upon strides calculated while being used outdoors with the satellites. 3 miles total with an average pace of 11:24.  I think I found my sweet spot.

Thursday I was going for 5 miles but ran out of time, so I got in 4.09 miles at 11:32 pace.  Not shabby.

Saturday morning was the longest I've ever run without walking, also the longest I've ever ran on a treadmill and also my PR for this distance.  Holy shoot. I felt super comfortable, my breathing was spot on, I had a great pace, and I was watching Bridesmaids on my phone.  Thank goodness for movie rentals from iTunes because my battery gets killed when I'm at the gym without WiFi.  The time passed surprisingly quickly and it wasn't *too* terrible.  I may even do it again for a longer run with a longer movie :)  10 miles done before 10AM at 11:29 pace. 1:54:52.  I was shooting for anything less than 2 hours and I saved more than 5 minutes on my time.  My fastest 8-12 mile distance according to my RunKeeper.  Pretty proud.

Moving onward and upward with training - 12 miles this week.  Sometime.  I don't know when with my crazy week I have going on but I'll make time, and it may even been Saturday morning again before I work that night again like this week.  It's not so bad really…. wake up, run all the miles, get taken to a nice lunch by your fianc√©, AND get an epic nap in before work.  Not a bad Saturday at all!

I also wanted to share I got chosen for a game show!  I interviewed and auditioned this last week, in sort of a whirlwind, and I found out last night I will be on TV!  I'm not sure exactly how much I can share at this point but I know I'll be filming it in the next month or two and then I'll be able to share how you can watch! So exciting! Off to lace up my shoes...

My game show display!

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