Thursday, July 31, 2014

EveryMove Review

Sometimes, bloggers get to try stuff out before it goes main stream. I got the opportunity to try out a new app, EveryMove thanks to FitApproach and my ambassador status with Sweat Pink!

EveryMove links with activity trackers and other apps to see how you're doing on a daily basis and reward you with points towards special offers and even a chance to donate toward a charity.

What's EveryMove Do?
  • Enjoy Tracking Device Freedom
    An unparalleled integration infrastructure allows users to sync seamlessly with hundreds of tracking devices, fitness applications, and even gym equipment. Sweat with FitBit, Jawbone UP, Moves, Nike+ Running app, MyFitnessPal, LifeFitness treadmills, and many more!
  • Sweat Better Together
     Users join a thriving online community where they can connect with friends, co-workers, and family to cheer each other on and compete on leaderboards – no matter how they workout or which devices and apps they use!
  • Keep Doing What You Do
    EveryMove users can earn points for hundreds of activities, from yoga to yard work, making the platform engaging and accessible to a wide range of active lifestyles.
  • Reap the Real Life Rewards 
    On EveryMove, sweat is rewarded with badges, levels, active day bonuses, offers from brands, and charitable donation opportunities.
My activity right now comes a lot from running, clearly, and it tracks my steps with my FitBit and runs with my RunKeeper app.

It was easy to set up, but not my favorite thing to use. I got A LOT of push notifications, and also had a lot of screen time that looked like this where it wasn't connecting with my linked accounts.

It's still got some bugs to work out, but like the FitBit and other platforms it brings the competitive factor in by trying to level up and earn more points than your friends by being active.

I don't think I would use my points on anything other than donating since the other rewards were largely things and companies I had never heard of, but I'm guessing as the app grows it'll attract new sponsors.

Look-38 active days in a single...month? 

All in all, a fun, qwerky app, and I love that I can donate to charities like Make A Wish just by being active. Go download EveryMove & let's be friends!

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