Monday, July 28, 2014

Columbus Marathon Training - Week 4.

Things are finally starting to come together this week.

My breathing, my pace, the weather… all were good to me this week. I literally ran in a lot of circles around my apartment complex, but that was okay too. I need to start not doing that for my longer runs, because I end up cutting myself a little short.  Last summer I was very much an "out and back" runner and that way I knew when I turned around I had to get home somehow.

Life was a little less in my way, and I did a lot of night runs which I'm loving these days.

Monday - I went to Zumba for the first time in FOREVER and it was so good to be back. 

Fancy Zumba pants.

I love Zumba.  I miss it when I'm gone. But I wasn't able to go with my schedule and lifting being more important than Zumba-ing or running for a few months got in my way.  So I went to 7pm class and then got home and ran 2.65 miles at an 11:22 pace.  Pretty good day, overall. Sticky, but good.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked, and Wednesday I did a weird noon-11:30pm shift.  Definitely no running.

Thursday - a real tempo run.  Someone out walking their dog told me I "looked fast" so I kept the pace up.  My complex is about 0.65 miles to do a loop around it, so I did 4 loops to get 2.65 miles in 28:40 - average pace of 10:50.  Pretty darn good for this girl. I shaved 2:30 off my total time from Monday!  Pretty proud of how I pushed myself.

Saturday - I got up early after a long evening at a vendor event for my Chloe and Isabel business to get my long run done before our trip to Columbus for our wedding cake and food tasting! I knew I wanted to burn the extra calories before we indulged most of the day so I set the alarm for 6:30 and I got out of the house right before 7.  I did laps around the apartment then I planned to go back into the neighborhood to do two laps of that circle and get my 8 miles in - until I started in back there and my tummy started rumbling.  Uh oh. Headed home after only 4.19 miles (per my RunKeeper app, 4.29 per my Garmin watch) in 48:48 at 11:38 pace.  Felt really good til it hit me.

Sunday - The forecast predicted morning storms so I decided on more sleep and hanging out around the house for the morning.  I picked up a 3-7pm portion of a friend's shift at work so I headed in for that then straight home to run.  It had stormed while I was working and a light rain on the drive home left me with a gorgeous rainbow that made my heart happy.  I changed and laced up my running shoes and did 6.73 miles in 1:16:53 for an 11:26 pace.  My RunKeeper and my Garmin don't agree, especially the longer I run.  RunKeeper had me at 6.64 miles so clearly I'm going with the better numbers :)  No 8 miles, but I could have kept going had I wanted to but it was going on 9:30pm and we hadn't eaten dinner yet and I didn't want to keep Kyle waiting any longer.

Mama, you taste like sweat. -Penny

Week 4 in the books!  It's going SO fast, and I think between my jewelry business, wedding planning, and working extra that is bound to be the case considering last summer was all "gym, gym, gym" and nothing else to keep training moving along.

Speaking of gym…I'm keeping my membership but I have broken up with my trainer, Darin.  He is one of the most fabulous, caring individuals on the planet but I'm working overtime already and could really use that money I was paying him for training when right now that was all going on the back burner for running.  I had a few good weeks, but mostly it was me making excuses and not eating the things I was supposed to be eating, so I had stalled in my results and progress and really it was a "one step forward, two steps back" with me every week.  I had excuse after excuse, my busy life got in my way, and I was making poor decisions especially while on night shift stretches and not eating what I brought with me and instead heading to the cafeteria for pizza and cookies which is most definitely a no-no.  I even drank a full bottle of Cherry Coke and I haven't had a pop since January 1st, 2013. I'm admitting it, but still not going back to that habit.  Senseless, empty calories. Instead I am focused on the next 138 days (who's counting?) until the wedding.  Being on good behavior and planning indulgences instead of seeking them at every opportunity.  When I work night shift there are less people around, less eyes on me to judge me for what I'm eating, and old habits creep back up and I feel like I'm begin good at hiding the things I know I shouldn't be doing and eating.  But clearly I haven't lost any weight and am right where I was at the beginning of this year.  I'm happy to have not gained weight back, but I'm also not at my lowest I was just about a month ago.  I pick up my wedding dress this week and we sized it to fit me now, so the stress of it not zipping is there, I just hope I look like I want to look and feel like I want to feel in it.  We will see!

This week…. my first 10 mile run of training.  Double digit long runs from here on out til October!

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