Friday, July 11, 2014

Columbus Marathon - week 2 training recap!

Training week 2!

Its Friday! And the start of my work weekend come 7pm tonight.

Wait, it's before noon on Friday and the weekly training recap is up? Yep, because due to my work weekend training runs have been done for the week!

Overall it was a good week after I had a little pep talk with myself about pace & expectations. Life off the treadmill is very different and I don't live in the flattest of places. I ran 3 of my 4 times this week outside and the 10:50ish pace indoors is not happening outdoors where there are hills, heat, and cars to consider. 

Monday I got in 2 miles at a 10:57 pace indoors. I got a foot pod for my Garmin this week and am excited to use it on future treadmill runs to see if the distance is accurate. (I tried to use it on my run today but it wouldn't link and I just wanted to get going!)

Tuesday I went for a sunset run after it had cooled down outside. I got 1.15 miles in at a 10:40 pace and I was pooped. I was mad! I was doing that inside and I should be able to keep that pace! There was no way I could have kept that up the rest of my planned 3 miles. I took a walk break, got over myself, and started again at MY pace. I let my legs carry me home and I was extremely happy with how I felt after this run. This is what it's SUPPOSED to be like. I finished with another 2.03 miles at an 11:39 pace.

Wednesday I had concert tickets and some things to do so I followed my sunset run with a sunrise run and it was fabulous. 2.7 miles at 11:34.

Wednesday evening just before the concert I got a call from my step mom about my Dad. He likely had pneumonia and had low oxygen saturations, a fever, and chills. As a family it has been difficult but the decision was made to no longer treat him as new issues arise but to just keep him comfortable and respect his wishes. I spent the day with him yesterday and the doctor came to see him while I was there and we discussed Dad's wishes and bringing hospice in. He was just laying there, dozing on and off, smiling when he saw me and realized I was there. I fed & cleaned him and most importantly loved him. I wish I were in the position to care for him myself but unfortunately student loans don't pay themselves and none of our homes are equipped with the things he would need to bring him back after his 6 years in the nursing home. 

Today I woke up with a heavy heart and I put on my shoes and took off. I had 6 miles scheduled and ended up with 4.8 at an 11:50 pace. I gave it everything I had.  

Next week I'm going to get all my distance in, regardless of pace. When it comes down to the marathon it's really just about getting your butt across that finish line. I am a lot of things, but I'm not a quitter.

Weekly Miles: 15.4
Average Pace: 11:25

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  1. My favorite line in your post was "I gave it everything I had." I've been dreading a 15 mile training run I have on Sunday because my last long run was a wall-filled, dehydrated disaster. But this week I'm going to keep repeating "give it everything you've got" when I start hitting walls. Thanks! :)