Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Columbus Marathon - Training Week 3

Week 3. Well, week 3 was insane and I'll start by saying I only ran twice. The good news is I got a long run in and the weather was FABULOUS for running and I fully enjoyed each of my runs.

Monday - 3.38 miles in 40:43. 12:04 average pace. I had worked the previous 3 nights in a row and after I slept the day away I got some easy sunset miles in. 

I'm finding I really, really enjoy evening runs, however, it makes dinner weird. Do I eat after? Do I eat before? Is what I'm eating going to mess with my stomach? Better stay close to home in case it doesn't. I've ran a lot if laps around my apartment complex lately. It also makes it very easy to quit before I'm supposed to so I have to push myself along. I enjoy the cooler temperatures without it being super early in the morning.

Tuesday was a "get my life together"day of laundry, cleaning, running errands. The day was over before I knew it.

Wednesday I got my long run in and loved every second. 6.37 miles at an 11:36 pace. I did lots of laps and a spin around the neighborhood behind my complex as well. A few older men were on their balcony cheering me on as I ran the loop over and over. They promised me beer when I finished (I hate beer) and told me how awesome I was doing. I need these guys out there every run! What great cheerleaders. I even saw a hot air balloon while I was out there.

Thursday I took my dreaded certification test again, and failed, and worked 3-7 after. I had a crazy 4 hours and was OVER this day. Had dinner when I got home at 8:15 and called it a night. 

I again worked Friday-Sunday and was exhausted. I tried to get up Saturday morning to get a run in but my alarm quickly got reset when it went off at 3:30AM.

This week I will get all my runs in. I will avoid the cookies in the cafeteria (going strong the last 9 days!). I will begin to learn again how to function without a coach telling me what to do and supporting me week by week. To save some money I needed to cut that cost and I'm pretty sad about it, but I can do this.

Here's to all the miles this week.

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